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Vonage vs. magicJack Plus VoIP Home Phone Service

With so many efforts by so many people across the United States to try to save money, many people are discovering that one of the easiest ways to save money is by switching their home or business phone service from a standard telephone service provider, to one of the many VoIP phone service providers.  VoIP telephone service providers not only provide a phone service that is much less costly, allowing customers to save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars per year, but they also provide a phone service that is extremely easy to use and set up.

Two of the largest VoIP telephone service providers include magicJack and Vonage.  Each of these two companies provides their customers with the opportunity to get a reliable, inexpensive home and (in the case of Vonage) business phone service for a fraction of the cost of a traditional landline.  For consumers who are interested in which phone service will best meet their needs, we have outlined a few of the primary characteristics of the Vonage telephone services in the following paragraphs.

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Much like the features provided by the magicJack Plus 2014, Vonage provides customers with a number of different features that are provided by standard home telephone service providers, as well as many features that are not provided by landline phone service providers.  Some of these features include:

  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Anonymous Call Block
  • Vonage Visual Voicemail: allows users to get their voicemail as a text, voice, or Email.
  • Other features that are only applicable to VoIP phone service providers:
  • No need for a computer
  • Keep your phone number
  • SimulRing: allows Vonage customers to receive phone calls on up to five different phones at the same time (including office, home, or mobile devices).
  • Compatible with fax machines (for $9.99 per month)
  • Phone call quality comparable to that of landline phone service providers, as well as mobile phone service providers
  • Phone service can be used from a mobile device: The Vonage Extensions App, like the magicJack app, is available for free download, allows Vonage customers to use their existing call plan to make and receive calls from their mobile device, using a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G connection. This easy-to-use App allows you to import or export your existing contacts, making it one of the most convenient VoIP mobile apps yet.

Vonage App

The Vonage Extensions App is available with a variety of different mobile devices, including iOS devices like iPhone, as well as Android devices, and Blackberry

Make and receive calls during a power or internet outage: Unlike many other Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone service providers, Vonage customers can still make and receive calls even if their internet is out.  In order to do this, customers must first set up a Network availability number when they sign up.  During a power outage, calls will be forwarded to the mobile device number or landline that has been provided.  This is one feature that sets Vonage apart from many other VoIP phone service providers, which will often leave customers unable to make and receive calls during any type of internet outage.

How Vonage Works

Vonage and magicJack provide phone service to their customers in a very similar manner.  These companies, as well as other VoIP phone service providers, let users make and receive phone calls by using an existing high-speed internet connection.  The Vonage box can connect to the user’s existing internet connection in several ways, including through a high-speed wireless router, DSL, or cable modem.  Users of Vonage and magicJack alike will be able to browse the internet as they make phone calls.


Getting the Vonage VoIP phone service started is very easy.  First, consumers should sign up for a Vonage calling plan.  After that, customers will receive a Vonage Box, Ethernet cable, power cord, and a Quick Start Guide in the mail.  Currently, Vonage require a United States billing and shipping address for registering.

The Vonage Box is a VoIP phone adapter that is capable of connecting up to two lines through the user’s pre-existing high-speed cable or DSL internet connection.  The small and portable device has been designed to work with cordless, or corded phones, and it comes with a VoIP networking router.  This Vonage Box is available with an Instant Rebate for free, otherwise it costs $79.99.

Vonage Box

The Vonage Quick Start Guide comes with several easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, which have been included below:

  1. Plug the Vonage Box into an existing high-speed internet connection via a wireless router, DSL, or cable modem
  2. Plug the home phone into the Vonage Box
  3. Pick up the phone, and begin calling friends and family.  Calls can also be received to the same telephone number immediately.

Ease of Use

The only requirement for Vonage, magicJack, and many other VoIP phone services is the availability of a high-speed internet connection, as well as a touch-tone phone.  Each of these two VoIP phone service providers make their devices extremely easy to set up, so users can begin making and receiving calls through their internet connection in the matter of just a few minutes.

Although these devices are designed to be extremely easy to set up, Vonage actually provides its customers with professional installers with more difficult installations, such as getting all of the phone jacks in a particular home to work with Vonage.

Vonage vs. magicJack Plus Comparison Chartmagicjack vs Vonage

*This cost can be reduced if users choose to purchase 5 years of service in advance.

**This varies from the basic plans of $9.99 per month to $39.99 per month.

~The cost of the Vonage Box can be eliminated with a Instant Rebate.

Cost of Vonage Home Phone Service

The cost of Vonage Home Phone service depends on the particular plan being purchased.  However, with so many different residential plans to choose from, Vonage likely has a calling plan that will work for just about anyone’s needs.  The Residential Phone Plans that Vonage has available are listed in the following paragraphs.  Each plan below allows customers to keep their own phone number, or choose a different phone number.

US and Canada 400: $12.99/month (no annual contract)

This is a basic home phone service that provides custoemrs with 400 minutes of outband and long distance calling each month to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Each minute beyond 400 cost users just 5 cents.  However, calls to other Vonage home phone customers is completely free.   Low rates are also provided to landlines and mobile devices to ten other countries.

US and Canada 800: $21.99/month (no annual contract)

This is another basic residential phone service that provides customers with 800 minutes of local and long distance calls to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Each minute beyond the allotted 800 costs customers just 3.9 cents.  Like the US and Canada 400, calls are still free to other Vonage home phone customers, and rates are low on international calls.

US and Canada Unlimited: $9.99/month (for 6 months, then $24.99/month) with a One Year Contract. $24.99/month without an annual contract

This call plan is one of Vonage’s most inclusive North America call plans.  Not only does this particular plan provide customers with unlimited outbound calling to the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, but they are also provided with low rates on international calls.  Like Vonage’s other US and Canada plans, calls are free to other Vonage home phone customers.

Vonage World: $9.99/month (for 6 months, then $26.99/month) with a One Year Contract. $26.99/month without an annual contract

This international call plan allows customers to make unlimited international calls to landlines in 60 countries, and to mobile devices in ten countries.  Like Vonage’s other plans, calls are still free to other Vonage home phone customers.

Vonage World Plus: $9.99/month (for 3 months, then $29.99/month) with One Year Contract. $29.99/month without an annual contract

This home phone service allows Vonage customers to make unlimited local and long distance calls across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, PLUS an addition 250 minutes of international calling to cell phones in over 40 other countries, as well as landlines and cell phones in another 9 countries. Phone calls to other Vonage residential customers is also free.

Vonage World Mexico Sin Limites: $14.99/month (for 3 months, then $39.99/month) with One Year Agreement. $39.99/month without an annual contract

This residential calling plan allows Vonage customers to make unlimited local and international calls to landlines and mobile devices in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as unlimited calling to landlines in over 60 other countries, and to mobile phones in 10 countries and territories.  Calls to other Vonage home phone customers is free.

Vonage 3000 to Globe Philippines: $29.99/month with no annual contract

This residential calling plan provides customers with 3000 minutes of calling each month to all Globe numbers in the Philippines, as well as unlimited calling to landlines and mobile devices in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Minutes beyond 3000 will cost customers just 11 cents each.  Calls to other Vonage home phone customers is also free.  This particular plan comes with 24/7 Customer Care (in Filipino, also).

Where to Buy Vonage

The Vonage box is available for purchase at a variety of retail locations, including Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, BrandsMart USA, and Walmart

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIp Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: Vonage And AT&T

VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone service connection that uses the internet in order to connect two calling parties. To use it, a VoIP adapter and internet connection is a must. However, since almost all homes and establishment are already connected to the internet, making use of this wired connection is the backbone why VoIP calls have lower rates when compared to traditional telephones.

In the US today, many telephone and internet providers are competing with each other in getting as many homes equipped with VoIP as possible. Most of these companies offer bundle packages where internet connection and VoIP telephone connection are given for a very small fee. The top two competing companies in the US today are Vonage and AT&T. Let’s talk about the differences and similarities of what these two companies are offering in this VoIP review.

*Monthly Subscription*
Vonage offers a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 for the first 6months of signing up. Then the rate will increase to the regular fee of $25.99 a month. AT&T U-verse Voice offers their service for a monthly fee of $35. This is higher than Vonage but because of the greater service. AT&T U-verse Voice also caters mostly to small business and enterprise VoIP client.

*Minutes of Free Local and International Calls*
Vonage offers unlimited local and long distance calls to over 60 countries. AT&T U-verse Voice offers the same unlimited local and long distance call rates, but limited only to US, Canada and Puerto Rico. If the $35 per month subscription is too much for you, AT&T U-verse Voice also offers a lower rate of $25 for 250minutes long distance call to the countries mentioned above.

*Clarity of lines*
Both Vonage and AT&T U-verse Voice offers clear and quality lines for your local and international calls.

*Added Service*
Added service like call waiting, voice mails and call forwarding are included on subscriptions to either of the two companies.

*Bundle Rates*
Vonage and AT&T U-verse Voice both offer bundle rates, wherein special telephone features can be added to your VoIP line for a very minimal fee. For the complete bundle rates check out Vonage’s site and AT&T U-verse Voice.

*Value for Money*
If you have friends or relatives living in Asia or Europe, it is best to get Vonage VoIP subscription as they offer free calls to these areas. But if most of your calls are within North America and is thinking of putting up a small business, AT&T U-verse Voice is the best for you.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIp Review: Magic Jack VoIP Review: Skype VoIp Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: MagicJack – Skype – Vonage

This post will share a VoIP review of three different companies rates. A long time fixture of the VoIP industry, Vonage provides various services for various rates, some of which vary in cost over time. Rates for Vonage start at $17.99 monthly, and can go as high as $34.99 a month. Much like Vonage’s status as a fixture of the VoIP industry, Vonage’s prices have remained quite fixed over time, and continue to be competitive in the VoIP industry.

In contrast to Vonage, the MagicJack service which is a relative newcomer to the VoIP industry has proven to be innovative in price and service packaging. With a low cost of $39.95 for both the MagicJack unit and a year of service, and a $19.95 yearly bill, the MagicJack service already beats Vonage hands-down in regard to service price. Adding to MagicJack’s value is the fact that service includes free long distance calling to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. On top of long distance services provided by MagicJack, the MagicJack service also includes free directory assistance, phone number assignment, call waiting, voicemail, and caller ID.

While MagicJack and Vonage have only long-term service rates, Skype provides service on both a monthly and “Pay-As-You-Go” basis. With rates from 2.1 cents per minute for Pay-As-You-Go, Skype’s short-term benefits are quite apparent. More so, Skype presents itself as quite the competitor in regard to their monthly service plans by providing services starting from $2.95 a month for domestic calling. Along with their domestic (US & Canada) plan, Skype also provides country-selective services at the cost of $5.95 a month.

Skype’s ‘Unlimited Country’ plan allows the user to select a country in which they can make unlimited land-line calls to for the duration of their month subscription. Skype’s third monthly option is the ‘Unlimited World’ plan, at the price of $12.95 a month, Skype provides landline calls to over fourty countries worldwide. Along with the capability of being able to make telephone calls, Skype also provides the capability to make free PC-to-PC calls which also include video services.

Overall, in the competition between VoIP services, Skype provides the most cost-efficient plan without many frills. MagicJack meanwhile provides the most cost-efficient price which also includes a wide range of special services. Vonage, while being a long-time leader in VoIP services has fallen behind with their use of excessive prices, for services which are now common-place and can be delivered at lower rates by their competitors.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIp Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: Vonage
I have used Vonage for a little over two years now and must say it has been a pleasant experience. Their basic rate is $25, but I pay an additional $10 for a second number on the same line. Two major things tend to stand out to me when I consider my experience with this VoIP provider.

The first point relates to sound quality. When I first got the service I thought the sound quality was comparable to “ma bell”, except when I was using the internet intensely (using file-sharing while watching YouTube) in which case the other party reported I sounded garbled. This may have actually been an issue with my router, though, because I changed routers ten months ago and haven’t had issues in about a year. What some people may not notice, though, is when you call someone else with Vonage. I honestly believe the quality to be crystal clear in such cases. There’s less distortion than on phone lines. When you hear a TV or talking in the background, the voices remain distinct. Another case I have for better sound quality is when calling my friends abroad. They no longer sound a mile away due to signal loss. I almost never get a bad connection now and I would say that in those rare occasions I would have to blamed it on the Egyptian telecommunications, because what few times I do get static it’s usually during the afternoon in Cairo. If you have pen-pals abroad, this service is a must-have. The other issue or lack there of would be regarding usage charges.

Though I only just started getting free calling globally (and still at the same low price which I’ve paid without a rate hike for twenty-six months), I’ve experienced significant international savings throughout my history with Vonage. My former phone provider, MCI, could charge me as much as $80 a month for the limited calling I placed to my old college friends in Egypt and Ireland. As soon as I got my first Vonage bill, I noticed the huge difference, at all times paying less than a dollar a minute for international calling, even to rural places that most providers charge an arm and leg to call. Now, I can call for hours without a worry or care. I haven’t had to worry about long distance charges since even before Vonage, but, with MCI, I was paying nearly $75 for unlimited long distance.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking into VoIP to give Vonage a try.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIp Review: Vonage

VoIp Review: Vonage

I have used Vonage since 2005 after reading a VoIP review, and I absolutely love it. The price of the service includes long distance in the United States and Canada, and some other countries as well. For the countries that are not free, the rates are excellent.

As far as quality goes, the sound is about as good as a cell phone call, and it is not as clear as a landline. I have found that a corded phone works better than a cordless one. Many of the bells and whistles that regular phone companies charge for are included in the price.

You get voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting, and other features included in the bundle. In addition, you can chose to have voicemail messages transcribed and e-mailed to you for an additional price. In addition, you have the option of adding a “soft phone” to your account. This is a phone number assigned to a computer. This is especially useful for people who travel abroad often, as you can make phone calls to the United States at no extra charge, as long as you have an internet connection.

Billing is also very convenient. You must provide Vonage with your credit card number, and the company then charges it automatically every month. You can log into their website to see your bill and usage. One drawback is that you do not receive paper statements.

Another drawback is that your actual bill will be about ten dollars higher than the nominal charge, because of taxes, fees, and surcharges. Emergency calls (911) are different from a regular landline. Since Vonage works anywhere you have internet, your phone number is not attached to a physical location, so the 911 dispatcher has no way of knowing where you are located. If you want the benefit of the emergency dispatcher knowing your location, you must register your address through the Vonage website. You must do this every time you move.

Though I believe Voice over IP technology has a long way to go in order to become as clear and reliable as landlines, the price is a huge incentive to switch. I would not go back to a regular landline after using Vonage for a few years.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIP State Review

VoIP Review – Michigan

The state of Michigan is one of the most preferred locations to raise a family or to retire. In this state you can find the job your looking for, locating great schools and other educational benefits for your kids and it’s also a place that everyone can enjoy. This voip review will focus on the state of Michigan.

Now the state of Michigan, VoIP is readily available. As long as you have a high speed internet connection, you can get VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and benefit from the technology as well as the savings.

Like a regular landline phone, you can make and receive long distance and international calls without spending a fortune to keep in touch with those who are far away. In many cases, the quality is superior to a basic landline and much cheaper.

The great feature of using VoIP is that long distance or international calls are much cheaper than conventional phone calls. If you compare a five minute international call made from a conventional phone to a VoIP call, the overall cost of the call made from VoIP will be a fraction of what the conventional call will be.

Other features include three-way calling, voicemail, conference calls, caller ID, call waiting, return call and the one that I like the best, video calling. That’s right you can talk to people overseas with the ability to see them as you talk. With a webcam, you can see the other person, unlike a conventional phone.

Contact one of the many in Michigan to see which one is right for you. If you live in the State of Michigan, you should consider subscribing to one of these service providers in order to use VoIP right in the comforts of your own home or in your business in Michigan.

Here are some of the VoIP service providers existing in Michigan today:

• Packet8 VOIP Michigan
• Sunrocket Michigan
• Iconnecthere Michigan
• MyPhoneCompany Michigan
• Vonage Michigan
• Verizon VoiceWing VOIP

Any one of these companies can offer you a great service at a very low monthly fee. Some of these companies can also offer you a free IP phone or you can buy additional ones if you need them.

The latest thing that Michigan is doing for their residents is the E911 feature for VoIP. The ability to make emergency calls through VoIP phones. The state of Michigan is now pressuring VoIP service providers to have this feature integrated in their VoIP system.

If you’re thinking of getting VoIP service, make sure you have a DSL or cable connection to the internet. I suggest you confirm with your provider the the connection you have is compatible for VoIP phone service first before signing a contract with any of the providers listed.

So if you have friends and family that live far away or even overseas and you want to save money, then look into getting VoIP phone service, especially if you live in Michigan.