magicjack go Voip For Business VoIP Review

VoIP Review – Business Communications

If you want to be competitive in the business wold you have to move quickly and swiftly to get ahead of the game. In the business world communication is very important. If you can’t communicate and do it quickly you will miss many opportunities. As a matter of fact many businesses are taken advantage of the latest technology to keep up with what’s going on within their industry. The internet is used more than ever for companies to keep a direct line between them and their clients to improve customer service. This voip review will take a look at how they benefit businesses.

One of those ways to do so is called VoIP (voice over internet protocol). The technology is growing at an unbelievable rate. More businesses as well as individuals are hooking up the VoIP system in their offices and their homes to replace the conventional telephone.

It’s most likely because of the features and benefits that consumers can take advantage of. VoIP phone service can provide cheaper as well as free calls. The system works over the internet instead of the conventional and limited phone lines. It transmits and receives data signals, data signals that are in digital format, which will result in a faster and clearer transmissions and receptions.

VoIP has integrated services that are impossible to have with a conventional telephone. The standard features include video conferencing, audio conferencing, caller ID three-way calling, answering machine features and so much more. In many cases (depending on location and providers), the standard package is free. All you need is to subscribe to a VoIP service provider and a broadband internet connection in order to start taking advantage of this technology. You will also need a computer or an internet phone.

With features like these, it’s no wonder why many companies are switching to VoIP. Many companies do business overseas as well as other parts of the United States. For companies to be successful and profitable, they need to reduce their expenditures to do so. One of the biggest cost to a business is their phone bill. VoIP makes it possible to remove that as an issue.

Why travel to have a business meeting with different branches of your company when you can have the associates just go on the internet and have a multi-video conference call. Things are less likely to get lost in translation when all that are involved can see what you’re seeing or showing.

As technology grows in the world, the world seems to get a little smaller. Why not make it easier with VoIP technology?

magicjack go VoIP Review

VoIP Review

Have you’ve heard of the newest way to save money while making long distance and international phone calls while saving a ton of money in the process? It’s called VoIP (voice over internet protocol). It’s the latest thing to come out of the internet technology and the latest voip reviews are saying it’s growing by leaps and bounds.

VoIP makes it so easy to keep in touch with those you love that live so far away from you without going to the poor house to pay the phone bill. If you’re thinking that since it’s new that it’s still has a lot of bugs to work out, then you might want to reconsider your thinking. The service is amazing, as a matter of a fact, you won’t even notice if someone was talking to you through a VoIP connection.

I first heard of it within the last year or so and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing as my friend from another state was talking to my on his VoIP line.

If you have a computer and a high speed internet connection like cable or DSL, then you too can get VoIP and enjoy the ability to talk to your friends and family on the internet. Most laptops are built with a microphone and speakers, so if you have the high speed connection, all you have to do is find a provider that can offer you the best package available that fits your needs. If you have a desktop PC, then you can buy the accessories without spending a lot of money and use it from the comfort of your home.

I live in a state away from all of my family and friends that it made sense for me to get the VoIP service. I spend about 70-75% less per month on my phone calls than I did with a conventional landline phone. I’m also able to do my work on the internet without have to restrict the use of my hands to type or use the mouse.

One of the greatest things I love about VoIP is the ability to use my webcam and see the person I’m talking to and if they want ot show me something or visa-versa, we’re able to do it with VoIP service. It makes the phone calls mean so much more when I’m able to see the ones I love.

If you live far away from your loved ones, then you just might want to look into getting VoIP phone service and save some money in the process.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIP State Review

VoIP Review – Michigan

The state of Michigan is one of the most preferred locations to raise a family or to retire. In this state you can find the job your looking for, locating great schools and other educational benefits for your kids and it’s also a place that everyone can enjoy. This voip review will focus on the state of Michigan.

Now the state of Michigan, VoIP is readily available. As long as you have a high speed internet connection, you can get VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and benefit from the technology as well as the savings.

Like a regular landline phone, you can make and receive long distance and international calls without spending a fortune to keep in touch with those who are far away. In many cases, the quality is superior to a basic landline and much cheaper.

The great feature of using VoIP is that long distance or international calls are much cheaper than conventional phone calls. If you compare a five minute international call made from a conventional phone to a VoIP call, the overall cost of the call made from VoIP will be a fraction of what the conventional call will be.

Other features include three-way calling, voicemail, conference calls, caller ID, call waiting, return call and the one that I like the best, video calling. That’s right you can talk to people overseas with the ability to see them as you talk. With a webcam, you can see the other person, unlike a conventional phone.

Contact one of the many in Michigan to see which one is right for you. If you live in the State of Michigan, you should consider subscribing to one of these service providers in order to use VoIP right in the comforts of your own home or in your business in Michigan.

Here are some of the VoIP service providers existing in Michigan today:

• Packet8 VOIP Michigan
• Sunrocket Michigan
• Iconnecthere Michigan
• MyPhoneCompany Michigan
• Vonage Michigan
• Verizon VoiceWing VOIP

Any one of these companies can offer you a great service at a very low monthly fee. Some of these companies can also offer you a free IP phone or you can buy additional ones if you need them.

The latest thing that Michigan is doing for their residents is the E911 feature for VoIP. The ability to make emergency calls through VoIP phones. The state of Michigan is now pressuring VoIP service providers to have this feature integrated in their VoIP system.

If you’re thinking of getting VoIP service, make sure you have a DSL or cable connection to the internet. I suggest you confirm with your provider the the connection you have is compatible for VoIP phone service first before signing a contract with any of the providers listed.

So if you have friends and family that live far away or even overseas and you want to save money, then look into getting VoIP phone service, especially if you live in Michigan.

magicjack support mjrecovery_setup.exe

magicJack Support, Customer Service and Troubleshooting

The Customer Support provided by Vocaltec with regard to the magicJack and magicJack Plus devices has been substantially upgraded over the last several years.  Although there is not currently an magicJack customer service phone number (800 number) for providing support of the magicJack Plus, the company provides its customers with many other options.

Users of the magicJack Plus device can access specific websites provided by the company ( for several issues.  Some of these issues include:

  • Changing the Email address associated with their voicemail
  • Changing their magicJack login password
  • Changing the Email address associated with the magicJack account
  • Purchasing additional international calling minutes

For a more personalized interaction, magicJack also provides its customers with completely FREE customer support.  For increased ease, users of the magicJack Plus should have 1) Their order number, 2) Their magicJack number, 3) The name associated with their magicJack device and account, and 4) The Email address associated with their magicJack account.  Having these items available will help expedite the Help process.

magicJack Live Chat Hours

Live customer chat for the magicJack Plus and any issues related to the services provided by magicJack are Monday through Saturday 9 AM to 10 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), and Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM EST. These magicJack customer service experts can be utilized within the matter of just a few seconds.

Common Problems and Solutions with the magicJack

Before seeking help through the Live Chat, or for finding solutions with problems outside of their operating hours, we have included some common issues, and their solutions below.

You Cannot Get your Voicemail, or your Voicemail is not Working

Option 1:

  • Users can dial their own phone number from the telephone that is plugged into the magicJack Plus device.
  • When a voice is heard, press the * key on the telephone, and dial the default password on your phone or softphone. (Note: The default password is ‘1234’).
  • magicJack Plus users are recommended to change their password after their voicemail account has been accessed.

Option 2:

  • Users can click the “Voicemail” button from the magicJack Softphone (this is the phone that is displayed on the computer screen).
  • Follow the steps above to access Voicemail, and remember to change your voicemail password after you have accessed your Voicemail account.

You Are Experiencing Audio Problems With the magicJack Plus

Option 1

  • Try plugging your magicJack Plus into a different USB port on your computer.

Option 2

  • Try using a different phone with your magicJack Plus.

Option 3

  • Turn off your modem or router for three minutes. Reboot.

You Lost Your Password or Email Address for your magicJack Login

  • Users can visit and click the “Remind Me By Email” button. They should expect to receive an Email with their password at the Email address they used to register their magicJack services within a few minutes.

The magicJack Will Not Start

  • Open “My Computer” and double-click on the magicJack icon.

The Blue Light of the magicJack is Not On, or User Cannot Click on the Telephone Menu

  • For this problem, magicJack has provided users with a Recover Tool that can be downloaded from
  • After this has been downloaded, unplug the magicJack device, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in.

PC Speakers Will Not Work

  • Access the Start Menu on your computer
  • Click “Control Panel”
  • Click “Hardware and Sound”
  • Under the “Sound” category, click “Manage audio devices”
  • Select the audio device you want from the list (Note: Do not select Tigerjet)
  • Click “Properties” and ensure that the device has been enabled
  • Click “Apply” and “OK”

Echo is Being Experienced When Using the magicJack

Option 1

  • Access the “Menu” of your magicJack device
  • Click “Headset/Volume Control” and lower the volume for the microphone and speakers to approximately 1/3 of its maximum amplitude

Option 2

  • Plug the magicJack device into a different USB port on your computer

Option 3

  • Reboot your modem or router by turning it off, waiting three minutes, and turning it back on

Option 4

  • Use a different phone with the magicJack device

Your magicJack is Not Recognized By Your Computer

  • Users experiencing this issue are recommended to engage in a Livechat with a customer support professional, as this can sometimes be a relatively involved process

You Cannot Make Calls With the magicJack

  • Unplug your telephone from the magicJack, but leave the magicJack connected to the computer
  • Try making a call with the softphone from the computer
  • If the phone call is made successfully, try using a different phone with the magicJack


international International Rates

How to Make International Calls Including International Calling Rates

The magicJack Plus 2014 is designed to provide extremely inexpensive, convenient, and high quality calls within the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  However, the device also does much more than this.  In addition to the wide variety of features that are included with the magicJack Plus 2014, the magicJack VoIP Service also allows users to make and receive phone calls from overseas.  There are several questions that people tend to ask about the magicJack Plus International calling service:

Which countries can be called from the magicJack Plus?

Although every country cannot be called from the magicJack Plus 2014, the device does allow communication from the magicJack to about 150 different countries including Mexico, Latin American, South American, Europe, Asia, and many more.

Can I use the magicJack Plus overseas?

One of the most convenient features of the magicJack Plus is its ability to be used anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available.  This means that while travelling overseas, magicJack users can make and receive calls through the magicJack.  Additionally, calls back to the United States and Canada are free.

How much are International calls?

The cost of the international call depends on the country, and the region of the country being called.  Although this varies substantially between countries, there are several dozen countries that cost less than 10 cents per minute, and many other countries cost less than 5 cents per minute.

A chart of the current call rates for international calls on the magicJack Plus have been included below.

Importantly, calls from magicJack to magicJack are always free with the service.  The magicJack Plus has been great for keeping in touch with friends and family overseas.

How do I make international calls with the magicJack?

To make international calls through the magicJack Plus device, you dial the number just like you normally would through your home phone.  The magicApp VoIP smartphone application can also be used to make international calls. Before you can make international calls with the magicJack Plus service, you have to have international call credits loaded onto your account.

This process, however, is extremely easy.  After your magicJack Plus has been registered, use the steps below to add international calling credits to your magicJack account.

  1. Under the tab for “International/Prepaid”, click “Add/View Pre Paid Balance.”
  2. Select the amount you want to add from the drop down menu and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  3. After you have made your selection, click the “Checkout” button.
  4. Ensure that your checkout page is correct, and click the “Enter Payment Method” button.
  5. Enter in your credit or debit card information, and click “Add Card.” Confirm your purchase.
  6. After this process has been completed, International Pre Paid credit will be added to your account, and you will be able to dial International numbers from your magicJack device.

International Call Rates for magicJack Plus 2014

Country Country Code/Prefix Rate
Afghanistan 93 $0.4730
Albania 355 $0.1650
Algeria 213 $0.1650
American Samoa 1+684 $0.0550
Andorra 376 $0.0880
Angola 244 $0.2310
Argentina 54 $0.0460
Armenia 374 $0.1710
Aruba 297 $0.1650
Australia 61 $0.0280
Austria 43 $0.0280
Azerbaijan 994 $0.3500
Bahamas 1+242 $0.1530
Bahrain 973 $0.2420
Bangladesh 880 $0.1320
Barbados 1+246 $0.2640
Belarus 375 $0.4000
Belgium 32 $0.0220
Belize 501 $0.3430
Benin 229 $0.3590
Bermuda 1+441 $0.0990
Bhutan 975 $0.2200
Bolivia 591 $0.2200
Bosnia 387 $0.1980
Botswana 267 $0.1540
Brazil 55 $0.2750
British Virgin Islands 1+284 $0.1650
Brunei 673 $0.0660
Bulgaria 359 $0.0660
Burkina Faso 226 $0.4110
Burundi 257 $1.0750
Cambodia 855 $0.0660
Cameroon 237 $0.2860
Cape Verde Islands 238 $0.2850
Cayman Islands 238 $0.2850
Central African Republic 236 $0.6000
Chad Republic 235 $0.3080
Chile 56 $0.0440
China 86 $0.3300
Christmas Island 6724 $2.5120
Cocos Keelin Islands 6722 $2.5120
Colombia 57 $0.2700
Comoros 269 $0.7260
Congo 242 $0.7760
Cook Islands 682 $1.2140
Costa Rica 506 $0.0660
Croatia 385 $0.0550
Cuba 53 $1.0120
Cyprus 357 $0.0550
Czech Republic 420 $0.0370
Democratic Rep of the Congo 243 $2.1480
Denmark 45 $0.0220
Diego Garcia 246 $1.9800
Djibouti 253 $0.5590
Dominica 1+767 $0.1870
Dominican Republic 1+809, 1+829, 1+849 $0.0320
East Timor 670 $2.6670
Ecuador 593 $0.3000
Egypt 20 $0.1420
El Salvador 503 $0.3730
Equatorial Guinea 240 $0.3780
Eritrea 291 $0.3740
Estonia 372 $0.0280
Ethiopia 251 $0.4510
Faeroe Islands 298 $0.3730
Falkland Islands 500 $1.7370
Fiji Islands 679 $0.4500
Finland 358 $0.0730
France 33 $0.0220
French Antilles 596 $0.0580
French Guiana 594 $0.0660
French Polynesia 689 $0.3700
Gabon Republic 241 $0.6200
Gambia 220 $0.7800
Georgia 995 $0.1210
Germany 49 $0.0220
Ghana 233 $0.3840
Gibralter 350 $0.0660
Greece 30 $0.0220
Greenland 0.99  $0.9900
Grenada 1+473 $0.1980
Guadeloupe 590 $0.0660
Guam 1+671 $0.0330
Guatemala 502 $0.2660
Guinea 224 $0.7440
Guinea Bissau 245 $0.7780
Guyana 592 $0.3740
Haiti 509 $0.3820
Honduras 504 $0.2260
Hong Kong 852 $0.0310
Hungary 36 $0.0220
Iceland 354 $0.0550
India 91 $0.0280
Indonesia 62 $0.1430
Inmarsat (SNAC) 870 $13.0810
Iran 98 $0.1650
Iraq 964 $0.3740
Ireland 353 $0.0220
Israel 972 $0.0280
Italy 39 $0.0220
Ivory Coast 225 $0.3810
Jamaica 1+876 $0.1300
Japan 81 $0.0470
Jordan 962 $0.1980
Kazakhstan 7710 $0.0880
Kenya 254 $0.1560
Kiribati 686 $2.3200
Kuwait 865 $0.1820
Kyrgyzstan 996 $0.2500
Laos 856 $0.1210
Latvia 371 $0.0660
Lebanon 961 $0.1570
Lesotho 266 $0.3850
Liberia 231 $0.5330
Libya 218 $0.7810
Liechtenstein 423 $0.1390
Lithuania 370 $0.0660
Luxembourg 352 $0.0220
Macau 853 $0.0990
Macedonia 389 $0.2200
Madagascar 261 $0.7510
Malawi 265 $0.1540
Malaysia 60 $0.0350
Maldives 960 $1.2400
Mali 223 $0.3580
Malta 356 $0.0550
Marshall Island 692 $0.3850
Mauritania 222 $1.0000
Mauritius 230 $0.2620
Mexico Numerous $0.0280
Micronesia 691 $0.3620
Moldova 373 $0.3000
Monaco 377 $0.1200
Mongolia 976 $0.0720
Montenegro 382 $0.2570
Montserrat 1+664 $0.3490
Morocco 212 $0.0550
Mozambique 258 $0.1320
Myanmar 95 $0.5010
Namibia 264 $0.1030
Nauru 674 $1.7110
Nepal 977 $0.1850
Netherlands 31 $0.0260
New Caledonia 687 $0.3520
New Zealand 64 $0.0280
Nicaragua 505 $0.2090
Niger Republic 227 $0.4260
Nigeria 234 $0.1540
Niue Island 683 $3.7120
Norfolk Island 672 $2.5120
Norway 47 $0.0260
Oman 968 $0.1870
Pakistan 92 $0.1520
Palau Republic 680 $0.5170
Palestine 970 $0.3080
Panama 507 $0.1100
Papua New Guinea 675 $2.4460
Paraguay 595 $0.1540
Peru 51 $0.0330
Philippines 63 $0.1450
Poland 48 $0.0280
Portugal 351 $0.0280
Qatar 974 $0.3840
Reunion Island 262 $0.4800
Romania 40 $0.1210
Russia (Moscow) 7495, 7499 $0.0260
Rwanda 250 $0.4250
San Marino 378 $1.9090
Sao Tome & Principe 239 $1.5070
Saudi Arabia 966 $0.2420
Senegal 221 $0.7610
Serbia 381 $0.1800
Seychelles Island 248 $1.0990
Sierra Leone 232 $0.7080
Singapore 65 $0.0260
Slovakia 421 $0.0660
Slovenia 386 $0.0660
Solomon Island 677 $1.5750
Somalia 252 $0.8820
South Africa 27 $0.0660
South Korea 82 $0.0370
South Sudan 211 $0.4310
Spain 34 $0.0260
Sri Lanka 94 $0.1980
St. Helena 290 $2.7930
St. Kitts & Nevis 1+869 $0.2310
St. Lucia 1+758 $0.2420
St. Maarten 1+721 $0.1380
St. Pierre & Miquelon 508 $0.4710
St. Vincent & Grenadines 1+784 $0.1970
Sudan 249 $0.2530
Suriname 597 $0.5000
Swaziland 268 $0.0860
Sweden 46 $0.0220
Switzerland 41 $0.0270
Syrian Arab Republic 963 $0.3740
Taiwan 886 $0.0330
Tajikistan 992 $0.2800
Tanzania 255 $0.8000
Thailand 66 $0.0440
Togo 228 $0.7540
Tonga Islands 676 $0.6450
Trinidad & Tobago 1+868 $0.1060
Tunisia 216 $0.6960
Turkey 90 $0.0780
Turkey (Istanbul) 90212, 90216 $0.0580
Turkmenistan 993 $0.1980
Turks & Caicos Islands 1+649 $0.1760
Tuvalu 688 $1.8510
Uganda 256 $0.5000
Ukraine 380 $0.1320
United Arab Emirates 871 $0.2640
United Kingdom 44 $0.0220

Users should note that all country codes have not been included in this chart.  Different country codes may or may not be a different per minute cost. However, the most commonly dialed country codes have been included.