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New magicJack WiFi Updates May Make it the Most Usable VoIP Device Yet

Since the beginning of the magic Jack series of VoIP telephone service devices has been released, the product has revolutionized the way that people make and receive phone calls.  When the product was first released in 2007, many people were skeptical about the magic Jack’s call quality and reliability.  However, news of the high call quality and reliability that the device provided to its users quickly spread.  Soon after its release, hundreds of thousands of the magic Jack devices had been sold to people all over the United States.  For just $19.95 per year, far less than many people pay for phone service each month, the magic Jack allowed its users to make unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere within the United States and Canada.  There were some minor drawbacks to the original magic Jack device, though.

One of the biggest inconveniences of using the magic Jack to make and receive calls was the device’s reliance on a computer.  In order to make and receive calls, the magic Jack had to be plugged into the USB port of a computer, and the computer had to be powered on.  However, hearing the biggest concerns from their customers, VocalTec Communcations, the manufacturer of the magic Jack, helped solve this major inconvenience with its magicJack Plus.  With the magicJack Plus, users could make and receive calls without their computer being turned on.  This was accomplished with the magicJack Plus being plugged directly into the user’s high speed modem or router.  This helped the magicJack Plus’s users eliminate the need to constantly have their computer on, making communicating with friends and family much easier.  Although it was slightly more expensive than the previous magic Jack, at just $29.95 per year, the device provides high quality home phone service for much less than with traditional landline telephone companies.  VocalTec is currently in the process of preparing to release its newest VoIP product—the magicJack WiFi.

Although it is not currently released, there is a great deal of speculation about the magicJack WiFi.  Many people wonder what kinds of upgrades they should expect to find in the device, while many wonder how much the new magic Jack WiFi will cost.  There are a variety of upgrades to the new magicJack WiFi that will make the new device the easiest to use of all of the magic Jack series of devices.  First, the magicJack WiFi will feature an LCD panel, double dock DDR memory, automatic audio gain control, and a power saving sleep mode, helping make the device more energy efficient.  Installing the device is anticipated to be much easier than with previous devices.  Although installing the magic Jack original and the magicJack Plus was already very easy, the magic Jack WiFi is intended to simply plug into a power outlet and be ready to go.  The combination of these upgrades to the magic Jack WiFi will make it the fastest, most powerful magic Jack unit to date.  Many experts believe that the magic Jack WiFi will provide usefulness to business owners, as it is expected to have the power to support as many as 40 phones.

Outside of these significant upgrades, the magic Jack WiFi will likely have much in common with its forefathers.  The size will likely be about the same as previous units, at about the size of a flash drive.  Additionally, the device will still require high speed cable or DSL Internet, as well as a high speed router, in order to function.  Users should still expect to have the same great high quality phone calls using the magicJack WiFi that they experienced with previous magic Jack units.  However, with technology upgrades, and the addition of more memory, the magicJack WiFi will likely provide its users with the highest call quality available through any VoIP telephone service provider.  Furthermore, it has the potential to provide call quality that exceeds that of landline telephone service providers.  The magicJack WiFi should continue to allow users to make free local and long distance calls anywhere within the United States and Canada.  Also, calls back to the United States and Canada from the device should also continue to be free for its users.  Finally, it is likely the price of the magic Jack WiFi device will remain fairly constant.  If the current trend continues, the magicJack WiFi may cost its users $39.95 per year (although with efficient production of the device, the price certainly could be lower).

So when is the magic Jack WiFi scheduled to be released?  Although very few people can say for sure, the magicJack WiFi should be released in 2013, with software updates advancing it even further in 2014.

magicJack Wifi

The New magicJack WiFi VoIP Internet Phone Service

Magic Jack Original, 2007

The magic Jack was originally created in 2007 by VocalTec Communications, Limited.  The product, although it utilized similar technology that was already in existence, revolutionized the way people made phone calls.  Rather than utilizing standard telephone lines, the magic Jack used a person’s high speed internet connection in order to make and receive phone calls.  The device itself contained all of the necessary hardware required to make and receive calls, making it extremely easy to set up for just about anyone.

The device was designed to plug into the USB port of a person’s computer, as well as a standard telephone jack.  Running through a high speed internet connection, which was required, the magic Jack allowed individuals to make unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the United States and Canada through a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network.  Users could also make international phone calls for a low per-minute rate.  At its initial purchase, users could buy the magic Jack for $40.  This cost included the magic Jack unit, all of its necessary hardware, and the first year of service.  After the first year, each additional year of service was only $19.95.

Because of its ease of use, low cost, and convenience, the magic Jack was highly touted by a variety of magic well known publications, including PC Magazine.

magicJack Plus, 2011

Approximately four years of the release of the original magic Jack, VocalTec released the follow-up to the device, the magicJack Plus.  While the magicJack Plus worked in many of the same ways as the original magic Jack, it no longer required a computer in order to work.  The magicJack Plus is approximately the same size the original magic Jack unit, very small and lightweight, about the size of a USB flash drive.

The magicJack Plus features a pair of technology upgrades over the original magic Jack unit.  First, with the addition of Wide Band Voice Technology (also known as HD Voice), voice quality has been significantly increased compared to the magic Jack.  The second significant technology upgrade is called Echo Control, which eliminates the whistling and echoing that can sometimes be present when making calls over a VoIP telephone network.  In combination with each other, the pair of upgrades provides voice quality that rivals, and is sometimes better, than the voice quality provided by landline telephone service providers.

The magicJack Plus, as opposed to being plugged into the USB port of a computer, is plugged directly into a high speed modem or router.  The magicJack Plus no longer requires the use of a computer because it features its old built-in CPU and RAM.  This enhanced processing power allows the device to function as a powerful stand-alone unit.  Additionally, it adds eliminates the inconvenience of having to turn on the computer in order to make or receive phone calls.  This can also help reduce a person’s utility bills, since a computer does not have to constantly be on in order to get calls.

Installing the magicJack Plus is very easy.  First, the magicJack Plus is plugged into a high-speed modem or router (the magicJack Plus will not work with dial-up Internet connections), and into the device’s power supply.  Next, a standard phone line is plugged into the magicJack Plus device.  Immediately after this simple and quick installation, magicJack Plus users can begin making and receiving high quality phone calls that rival that of standard landline telephone service providers.

The magic Jack Plus allows its users to make and receive unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Just like the previous model, the magicJack Plus can also make international calls at a low, per-minute cost.  Additionally, while travelling overseas, magicJack Plus users can use the device to make free calls back to the United States and Canada.  Furthermore, calls between two magic Jack Plus devices are free from anywhere in the world.

Additional services provided by the magicJack Plus are many of the same services that are provided by standard landline telephone service providers.  These include voicemail services, call forwarding, and call waiting.  Customers were also allowed to keep their same phone number. Along with the plus device the company also released their own VoIP app for smartphones.

The cost of the magicJack Plus was slightly higher than that of the original magic Jack.  It can be purchased at an initial cost of $69.95.  This price includes the magicJack Plus, a USB extender cable, the device’s AC adapter power supply, an Ethernet cord, and the device’s first year of service.  After that, it costs just $29.95 per year for high quality phone service.  However, users were also provided with an incentive to purchase five years at one time, at a discounted rate of just $99.95 (less than $20 per year).

magicJack WiFi, 2013-2014

Update: Before release the WiFi device was renamed the magicJack Plus 2014. Please see our updated post for info.

The most recent upgrade to the magic Jack series is the magicJack WiFi.  This device, scheduled to be released in the final quarter of the 2012 year, is VocalTec’s most advanced VoIP device to date.  The magic Jack WiFi is intended to be designed with a WiFi chipset that will allow the device to be even more convenient to use than previous magic Jack units.

In addition to the WiFi chipset, a new chip on the device is designed to add several new functions to the magicJack WiFi, compared to the magicJack Plus.  First, the chip adds a dedicated high-speed loca bus for WiFi capabilities.  The device is also to be designed with an LCD panel display, a video compression engineer, automatic audio gain control for the highest voice quality ever provided by a VoIP device, a power saving sleep mode for additional energy savings over magicJack Plus, and double dock DDR memory.  The device may even be able to be used to receive WiFi to receive Video on Demand.  In the early testing phases of the magicJack WiFi device, the magic Jack WiFi delivered exceptionally clear voice quality.

Like previous magic Jack units, the magicJack WiFi is most likely to be about the same size (approximately the size of a USB flash drive).  Additionally, it will most likely provide the same features that have been included with the device, like voicemail, three-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting, and free local and long distance calls anywhere within the United States and Canada.  Users who switch will also likely be able to keep their current phone number.  The magicJack WiFi will be the easiest device of any generation of magic Jack device yet.  All the user has to do to make and receive calls is plug the magicJack WiFi into a power supply.

There will likely be a large market for the magicJack WiFi, as VocalTec expects to include the small business market.  The magic Jack WiFi may be designed to accommodate up to forty different phones.  This can provide businesses with hundreds of dollars of savings each and every month.  This is especially convenient in times where many small businesses are struggling to stay profitable.

With the magicJack WiFi unit, it is clear that VocalTec Communications continues to adapt to the changing market for Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone services.  With the ever-expanding availability of WiFi, the company clearly saw this as an ideal opportunity to increase the convenience of their previously successful VoIP devices.  The magicJack WiFi is anticipated to be the largest market acceptance for VoIP devices ever, and more and more individuals and businesses discover the convenience and high quality service that can be provided by the magicJack WiFi.

magicjack go VoIp Review: Magic Jack VoIP Review: Magic Jack Plus

VoIP Review: MagicJack Plus Cutting Consumers Phone Bills

Anybody looking to save money can find huge savings by switching their phone service from a traditional landline phone service provider to the magicJack Plus. The magicJack Plus is a small USB device that lets consumers make calls through their high-speed internet connection. It delivers many of the same features that are provided by a traditional phone service provider, but at a price of just $29.95 per year (with an option to purchase five years of service for $99.95).

The magicJack Plus makes calls through a VoIP network, also known as Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol.. This is the same technology other companies have used previously , such as NetTALK, Vonage, and the previous model of the magicJack, released in 2007. These services use your existing broadband internet connection to make and receive calls. One downside to this, however, is that you will not be able to make or receive calls during a power or internet outage. With a reliable internet connection, this is not be a significant issue.

The magicJack Plus phone service gives users call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, three-way calling, and voicemail, all for no additional charge. With their low yearly payment, users can make and receive unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the United States and Canada. Users can also make international calls for a low per minute rate, which varies from country to country.

The device is simple to set up. Consumers can expect to spend less than five minutes from opening the device, to being able to make calls. The magicJack Plus device is plugged into a high-speed modem or router, and into its power supply. Next, a standard telephone is plugged into the magicJack Plus, and users can begin making calls immediately, using their own phone number.

The device requires an initial purchase of $69.95, which includes the magicJack+ device and all of its hardware, including an AC adapter power supply, an Ethernet cable, and a cable for USB. This price also includes the first year of service, so consumers do not even have to worry about paying a phone bill for at least a year after the initial purchase. The initial purchase also includes a 30 Day Free Trial, so consumers have a month to decide whether or not they are satisfied with the magicJack Plus. This trial period eliminates the weariness of those who are switching to phone service provided through a VoIP network for the first time. If they are unsatisfied, the device can be easily returned.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIP Review: ITP VoIP Review: Phone Power

VoIP Review: ITP And Phone Power

What service to choose when selecting a VoIP service, you may ask? According to my VoIP review, there are two companies who both got a five star out of five: ITP, and Phone Power.

Signing up for ITP, you are eligible for two months free, pay monthly (leaving you paying $199 a yr), and a free calling card. ITP has several pricing plans available,a few of those would be: Unlimited for $19.99 monthly, 500 minutes for $9.99 monthly, or International for $24.99 monthly. There are still many more to suit your needs, if none of those work for you.

Signing up for Phone Power, you are eligible for 60 minutes International talk time free,second phone line free, and a rate of $199.95 for two years. At Phone Power, their is also several plans available, a few of those allow you to pay a rate of 19.95 monthly for unlimited service, or you can get the two years, and pay $199.95. That leaves you paying for the first year, and getting the second year free, as a promotion that is going on for a short period of time.

When choosing between two companies that have the same rating, you may want to consider a variety of things. For example, ITP’s saving does not have to be prepay-ed, you get month one, and twelve for free, and pay $19.99 a month, for the months in between. You also have the advantage to enjoy their services and then pay, if you are not satisfied, cancel at anytime, with no fee! No need in worrying if the company you have prepaid,is going to go out of business, and leave you without telephone, and the money you had paid.

There is also a good side to prepaying, if you feel you trust that the company will in business for the time you will want VoIP. You will not have to worry about a bill throughout the month, as you have already paid, and got a one time low rate, instead of a higher monthly payment. You may also want to look into the ways of contacting the service provider.

For example, Phone Power has not only ways to contact them through telephone, and email, but you can contact them through a online based one on one chat, where you can discuss billing & sales, or tech support. As to ITP allows email, or telephone contact. After considering your options carefully, you have two highly rated companies who both likely deserve your business, the hard part will be picking which company.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIp Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: Vonage And AT&T

VoIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone service connection that uses the internet in order to connect two calling parties. To use it, a VoIP adapter and internet connection is a must. However, since almost all homes and establishment are already connected to the internet, making use of this wired connection is the backbone why VoIP calls have lower rates when compared to traditional telephones.

In the US today, many telephone and internet providers are competing with each other in getting as many homes equipped with VoIP as possible. Most of these companies offer bundle packages where internet connection and VoIP telephone connection are given for a very small fee. The top two competing companies in the US today are Vonage and AT&T. Let’s talk about the differences and similarities of what these two companies are offering in this VoIP review.

*Monthly Subscription*
Vonage offers a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 for the first 6months of signing up. Then the rate will increase to the regular fee of $25.99 a month. AT&T U-verse Voice offers their service for a monthly fee of $35. This is higher than Vonage but because of the greater service. AT&T U-verse Voice also caters mostly to small business and enterprise VoIP client.

*Minutes of Free Local and International Calls*
Vonage offers unlimited local and long distance calls to over 60 countries. AT&T U-verse Voice offers the same unlimited local and long distance call rates, but limited only to US, Canada and Puerto Rico. If the $35 per month subscription is too much for you, AT&T U-verse Voice also offers a lower rate of $25 for 250minutes long distance call to the countries mentioned above.

*Clarity of lines*
Both Vonage and AT&T U-verse Voice offers clear and quality lines for your local and international calls.

*Added Service*
Added service like call waiting, voice mails and call forwarding are included on subscriptions to either of the two companies.

*Bundle Rates*
Vonage and AT&T U-verse Voice both offer bundle rates, wherein special telephone features can be added to your VoIP line for a very minimal fee. For the complete bundle rates check out Vonage’s site and AT&T U-verse Voice.

*Value for Money*
If you have friends or relatives living in Asia or Europe, it is best to get Vonage VoIP subscription as they offer free calls to these areas. But if most of your calls are within North America and is thinking of putting up a small business, AT&T U-verse Voice is the best for you.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIp Review: Magic Jack VoIP Review: Skype VoIp Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: MagicJack – Skype – Vonage

This post will share a VoIP review of three different companies rates. A long time fixture of the VoIP industry, Vonage provides various services for various rates, some of which vary in cost over time. Rates for Vonage start at $17.99 monthly, and can go as high as $34.99 a month. Much like Vonage’s status as a fixture of the VoIP industry, Vonage’s prices have remained quite fixed over time, and continue to be competitive in the VoIP industry.

In contrast to Vonage, the MagicJack service which is a relative newcomer to the VoIP industry has proven to be innovative in price and service packaging. With a low cost of $39.95 for both the MagicJack unit and a year of service, and a $19.95 yearly bill, the MagicJack service already beats Vonage hands-down in regard to service price. Adding to MagicJack’s value is the fact that service includes free long distance calling to the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. On top of long distance services provided by MagicJack, the MagicJack service also includes free directory assistance, phone number assignment, call waiting, voicemail, and caller ID.

While MagicJack and Vonage have only long-term service rates, Skype provides service on both a monthly and “Pay-As-You-Go” basis. With rates from 2.1 cents per minute for Pay-As-You-Go, Skype’s short-term benefits are quite apparent. More so, Skype presents itself as quite the competitor in regard to their monthly service plans by providing services starting from $2.95 a month for domestic calling. Along with their domestic (US & Canada) plan, Skype also provides country-selective services at the cost of $5.95 a month.

Skype’s ‘Unlimited Country’ plan allows the user to select a country in which they can make unlimited land-line calls to for the duration of their month subscription. Skype’s third monthly option is the ‘Unlimited World’ plan, at the price of $12.95 a month, Skype provides landline calls to over fourty countries worldwide. Along with the capability of being able to make telephone calls, Skype also provides the capability to make free PC-to-PC calls which also include video services.

Overall, in the competition between VoIP services, Skype provides the most cost-efficient plan without many frills. MagicJack meanwhile provides the most cost-efficient price which also includes a wide range of special services. Vonage, while being a long-time leader in VoIP services has fallen behind with their use of excessive prices, for services which are now common-place and can be delivered at lower rates by their competitors.

magicjack go VoIP Adapters VoIP Review

VoIP Review: Pros & Cons

VoIP Service, i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol is a basic term used for the whole family related to the transmission technology, which deals with the voice communication delivery through IP networks. These IP networks can be either Internet or any other Packet switched networks. Session control protocols are often employed to control the set up as well as the calls tear-down or audio codec. This enables the encoding of speech by allowing voice communication and transmission through IP networks. Few examples of various technologies used to implement VoIP are H-323, IP Multimedia Subsystem, Real-Time Transport Protocol and Session Initiation Protocol.

VoIP has been beneficial in terms of reducing cost related to communication as well as infrastructure. The phone calls are routed through the existing data networks, thus avoiding a need for extra or separate data network. Various other facilities like conference calls, call forwarding, automatic redial and even caller ID are made available free of cost as compared to the conventional telecommunication system.

Since VoIP are charged per megabyte, the billing costs are very low as compared to the regular telephone bills. Basically there are many pros and cons of using VoIP service. If you perform a VoIP review you will find a lot of advantages. As mentioned earlier, the reduction in cost is the biggest advantage of VoIP. Even international calls are charged very less as compared to the conventional telecommunication system. This service is indeed really portable, as one can use it anywhere by simply logging into the unique VoIP account. Even the phone -to- phone VoIP service is portable. This makes VoIP service really unique and advantageous.

But it also has cons or disadvantages. Two biggest hurdles of VoIP service are lack in provision of a round the clock service and emergency calling. Traditional phone services continue to provide unobstructed service, even when there is no power supply. But with internet phones, one needs to have power supply. If there is a black out, it may be impossible to avail this service, provided one has some battery backup or a power generator hooked up to your VoIP adapter. VoIP service is not really useful in case of emergencies, like calling 911. Locations can be easily traced in conventional phone calls, but it is just not possible to locate areas in internet phones. The data sent via email often arrives in a scrambled manner in VoIP service. Hence it loses in terms of quality. Two more hurdles that come in the way of VoIP service are distance as well as speed.

magicjack go VoIP Review

VoIP Pros And Cons

As we know, VOIP is the abbreviated form of Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is the latest technology by which an user can make the phone calls via internet instead of using traditional land line based phone calling. Since this is an accepted technology and is being used worldwide, so for sure, it has got its own advantages but at the same time there are some disadvantages also in conjunction with these advantages. So, for sure before completing reverting to this latest technology of telecommunication, which has taken the world by storm, it is advisable for the customer to have a quick glance at the pros and cons with which this latest revolution in telecommunications comes to you. So, let us take a glance at both pros and cons in successive paragraphs.

1. The very first and most important advantage of VOIP is that it costs much less in comparison to traditional phone calls as it has a flat rate charge for calling long distances whereas in traditional way, your call cost is always proportional to the distance between the caller and the receiver.
2. With VOIP, you can communicate with multiple people at anytime you want but with traditional way of telecommunication, you are limited to one call one person.
3. As VOIP incorporates both data and voice communication. So, instead of just being able to talk with the other person, you can exchange more ideas with them like sending graphics, videos etc, which again is a limitation with the traditional system of telecommunications.
4. As VoIP is internet-enabled service, so even if you change location, you do not need to change the existing number, which you have to, in case you are using the traditional system.
5. Wherever internet access is available, VOIP services can be utilized but same stand restricted in case of traditional system.

1. As VOIP is internet-enabled service, every time the internet connection cuts down, the VOIP system becomes inaccessible. So, if that is the only way of your telecommunication, in that case, it would prove dangerous in case of emergency.
2. VOIP services depends mainly on the quality of internet connection in your area as well as the power availability. So, in case the quality of internet is poor, it will led to poor VoIP conversation.
3. Since the VOIP is portable, so calls cannot be traced properly as to from where they are made.
4. Eavesdropping is another limitation of VOIP as it does not comes with conversational privacy and your calls can be overheard by somebody else.
5. Though caller ID is a built-in feature of VOIP package, but when we make calls using our VOIP connection, our number is not screened on their caller ID and is displayed as “Unknown.” So, the receiver might not be willing to attend our call.

Having said both the pros and cons of this great technology, none of us can undermine its importance in the current scenario where internet has certainly become a part and parcel of our everyday life. Check out several companies and do a thorough VoIP review before signing up. So, let us hope that soon all its disadvantages can be completely removed or at least minimized to an extent that majority of the world population can use this fascinating technological innovation.

magicjack go VoIP Review VoIp Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: Vonage

VoIP Review: Vonage
I have used Vonage for a little over two years now and must say it has been a pleasant experience. Their basic rate is $25, but I pay an additional $10 for a second number on the same line. Two major things tend to stand out to me when I consider my experience with this VoIP provider.

The first point relates to sound quality. When I first got the service I thought the sound quality was comparable to “ma bell”, except when I was using the internet intensely (using file-sharing while watching YouTube) in which case the other party reported I sounded garbled. This may have actually been an issue with my router, though, because I changed routers ten months ago and haven’t had issues in about a year. What some people may not notice, though, is when you call someone else with Vonage. I honestly believe the quality to be crystal clear in such cases. There’s less distortion than on phone lines. When you hear a TV or talking in the background, the voices remain distinct. Another case I have for better sound quality is when calling my friends abroad. They no longer sound a mile away due to signal loss. I almost never get a bad connection now and I would say that in those rare occasions I would have to blamed it on the Egyptian telecommunications, because what few times I do get static it’s usually during the afternoon in Cairo. If you have pen-pals abroad, this service is a must-have. The other issue or lack there of would be regarding usage charges.

Though I only just started getting free calling globally (and still at the same low price which I’ve paid without a rate hike for twenty-six months), I’ve experienced significant international savings throughout my history with Vonage. My former phone provider, MCI, could charge me as much as $80 a month for the limited calling I placed to my old college friends in Egypt and Ireland. As soon as I got my first Vonage bill, I noticed the huge difference, at all times paying less than a dollar a minute for international calling, even to rural places that most providers charge an arm and leg to call. Now, I can call for hours without a worry or care. I haven’t had to worry about long distance charges since even before Vonage, but, with MCI, I was paying nearly $75 for unlimited long distance.

I would definitely recommend anyone looking into VoIP to give Vonage a try.

magicjack go VoIP Adapters

VoIP Adapter

Voice over Internet Protocol, also know as VoIP for short, is a convenient way to get telephone service if you have a high speed Internet connection available to you in your house. VoiP services are a great option because they are generally very low priced even when making international calls. In order to successfully utilize a VoIP you will need a VoIP adapter in order to get your VoIP service up and running. Thankfully most companies that over VoIP services provide an adapter. It may or may not be at additional cost.

One of the most common types of VoIP adapters are analog telephony adaptors, also known as ATA for short. You will be able to use this device to connect a certain number of phones to a digital telephone system, usually two to four phones. This means they these adaptors are perfect if you use VoIP. Since you are able to connect multiple phones to this adaptor you’ll be able to connect every single phone in your house up to one line. If you’re a business owner you may very well need to purchase multiple adapters in order to connect all your phones to a VoIP service if your business is large. However, for the general user and a small business one adapter is usually sufficient.

It is very common for analog telephony adapters to be the VoIP adapters for many companies that provide VoIP services. These adapters are used in order to allow a user to replace their traditional telephone line with a voice over IP network. Often times when receiving an adapter from any given company they are locked so they you are unable to use it with any other competing VoIP service. Usually the user is able to make miner changes to the adapter, but the amount of control given is extremely limited. In order to find VoIP adapters that are usable with any VoIP service provider you will need to search for adapters that are unlocked.

Some service providers sell these types of adapters, but because it is a competitive market usually you will only be able to purchased locked adapters. The absolute best place to purchase unlocked VoIP adapters is over the Internet. There are many reliable stores online to purchase these adapters. A quick search will probably yield hundreds of results. It is up to you, the consumer, to make the best decision about which adaptors to purchase and from what store. If you are not up for shopping online for them usually you can find adapters in retail stores.